John Cena retirement Wrestling WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment superstar John Cena has been unbeatable all over the world in the wrestling ring for two decades now. However, fans of the star will be disappointed to know that John Cena may be soon retiring from his wrestling career.

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John Cena retiring from WWE

John Cena WWE HollywoodThere is a very good chance that they will see him still in public life but just in a different role. Cena has revealed that he wants to explore new opportunities and that is why he may be looking for or an opening into the world of entertainment.

John Cena has admitted that he has been thinking of retiring from wrestling in order to join the likes of Vin Diesel and become an actor. The professional wrestler maybe retiring his boxing trunks soon in order to try his hand at Hollywood.

Which film will John Cena work in?

John Cena WWE HollywoodJohn Cena also revealed in a recent interview that he has been given an opportunity to perform in one of the biggest movie franchises all over the world. He said that he is extremely grateful for the chance to star in one of the Fast and the Furious movies, and it is amazing that he may be able to be a part of such a huge project.

Cena revealed that it seemed quite unlikely that that would ever happen for him. He also thanked Vin Diesel for helping him get the opportunity to star in the film.

John is quite excited about his upcoming same film. He previously starred in 2018 flicks Bumblebee and Blockers.