WWE News: John Cena Retirement Almost Confirmed After Next WWE Match

    WWE John Cena Retirement Last Match

    The fact that John Cena is no longer a full-time WWE superstar, something that he kept mocking The Rock about, is no secret. Over the past few years, Cena’s appearances have reduced and he has been a character who appears just a few dates a year and has been participating either in gimmick matches or squash matches. We now have a potential update on Cena’s retirement. Let us take a closer look:

    WWE John Cena Retirement

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    John Cena to Get One Last Run As WWE Universal Champion

    Given that Cena has equaled the record of Ric Flair for holding the WWE title for a record 16 times, it is unlikely that the WWE is going to give him another run with that belt. However, the Universal Championship is something which debuted after Cena became a part-time wrestler.

    WWE John Cena Retirement Champion

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    Giving Cena the Universal title will add to the title’s credibility as well as to the list of John Cena’s achievements in the WWE. Hence, before he retires, the company is sure to give him one final run on the top.

    Retirement Imminent for Cena as Hollywood Calls

    WWE John Cena

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    The leader of Cenation is no longer the centerpiece of WWE. However, Hollywood has now been interested in him as he has been working multiple movie projects of late, including a transformers movie as well as a major project alongside the legendary Jackie Chan!

    John Cena’s transition to Hollywood has started and while he might not become as big as The Rock, he is still going to draw a lot of people to the theaters!

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