Apple iOS updates are always in the news; sometimes, they bring up new features; other times, it causes trouble. At the earlier stage, iOS 12.3.1 update might have some bugs, which will be fixed over some time or in the next major update.

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The latest iOS 12.3.1 update has solved the issues of the previous version but has bought a lot of bugs of its own. The next main update from Apple, iOS 13 is arriving soon. Let us see about troubles in iOS 12.3.1 and find out whether the next Apple update will fix the bugs in your iPhone?

iOS 12.3.1 Problems

Apple iOS 12.3.1 update issues

Most of the Apple users, after updating their iPhone to iOS 12.3.1, are facing various issues and bugs. There are reports about battery drain, iCloud issues, messages error, and connectivity issues. Earlier, a very few users complained about the bugs in iOS 12.3.1 update, but with time there was a sudden increase in the reported incidents. As iOS 12.4 is already on the roll-out, there is no way it will fix the bugs in iOS 12.3.1 update.

Will iOS 13 fix all the bugs?

Apple iOS 13 fix bugs iPhone iOS 12.3.1 update

The only possible solution to all the problems in iOS 12.3.1 update is a newer version of the Apple iOS which fix all the issues. Apple is going to release iOS 13 for iPhone and iPads in a few months. Generally, when the iOS version is totally changed, instead of minor updates, it acts as a whole new device.

Apple iOS 13 might solve all the problems and fix the bugs from iOS 12.3.1 update, but there is a catch. The new update might bring out its own set of early phase bugs but will surely fix the previous bugs.

iPhone users Complaints

@zollotech have you experienced this bug in 12.3.1 while switching to the camera in the notification screen

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Hi @Apple @AppleSupport why ios 12.3.1 so drain my battery, even my battery health is 100%. Please fix the bugs 💁‍♀️
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The Apple support has been receiving a lot of iOS 12.3.1 update complaints lately, which is an indication that it might get fixed soon. Whether Apple modifies the next phase of iOS 12.4 beta or waits until iOS 13 will be a thing to see. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple iPhone updates and other news.