Apple iOS 12.3.1 update bugs issues problems

Apple iOS 12.3.1 update which was launched to fix bugs of the iOS 12.3 version is creating problems of its own. All the iPhone, iPad, and Pod touch users are facing several issues after the latest iOS 12.3 update.

While it has fixed previous bugs and improved a lot of things in iOS 12, the update patch 12.3.1 also has several troubled users. Here are the major problems created by iOS 12.3.1 and the solution to fix the issues.

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Apple iOS 12.3.1 Problems

>Apple iOS 12.3.1 update Problems

Apple iOS 12.3.1 update has done more harm than good, instead of fixing bugs, it has brought a whole lot of trouble for iPhone users. The most common problems in Apple devices after installing the iOS 12.3.1 updates are:

  • iOS 12.3.1 update installation gets stuck in between, and the Apple devices freeze with no reboot possible.
  • There have been several Bluetooth and Wifi issues, where users have reported about losing connectivity.
  • While sending messages through the official app, the messages are sent to numbers not selected.
  • Airplay streaming gets stuck, or the app freezes in between, and users to have too hard reboot after that.
  • iOS 12.3.1 update is also causing issues with touch id, face time, GPS, and Siri interface problems in Apple devices.

User Complaints

Soon after the release of iOS 12.3.1, social media handles of Apple are receiving a lot of user complaints. Apple users have been complaining about the support pages, and social media handles the issues they are facing and asking for a solution. Twitter, Reddit, and Apple discussion forums are filled with iOS 12.3.1 update complaints.

Future Updates and Fix

Apple iOS 12.3.1 update

A hard reset of the iPhone can fix most of the issues after updating it to iOS 12.3.1 version. One can also downgrade to iOS 12.2 version, although it is very complicated and we advise not to do it. Apple has also launched iOS 12.4 in the beta phase, and iPhone user can register for the beta update.

If your iOS 12.3.1 update is not working correctly, you can wait for the iOS 12.4 update. There are also plans that Apple will announce iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 next week, you could also wait till then.