Apple is once again in the limelight as WWDC 2019 event is getting closer and closer. With just about a week to go, the developers and users of Apple are excited. There are solid reports that the Cupertino based tech company will finally release all the new software updates.

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Apple iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, tvOS 13, and 2019 Mac Pro are the most talked launches this year. Let us look at other major details about the when, where and how of Apple WWDC 2019.

WWDC 2019 Schedule

Apple WWDC 2019 dates

Apple WWDC 2019 will start on June 3 and run for a full five days with June 7 as the end date. The first day will have a major keynote event, where the details of the upcoming schedule will be revealed.

There might also be some workshop and special developers event at WWDC this year. For the people in the US, the WWDC 2019 event will start at 10 am PST, while for the UK it will be 6 pm EST.

WWDC 2019 Location

Apple WWDC 2019 venue

The location of Apple WWDC is very crucial to the company as it is a deciding factor in the success of the event. Also, it must be accessible to both the audience and developers attending the event. Along with that, it should be in close proximity to Apple HQ so that all the arrangements can be made smoothly.

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The time taken by the Apple team of employees and workers should be minimum from Apple HQ. This is why Apple has shifted the location of WWDC to McEnery Convention Center in San Jose for the last 2 years. WWDC 2019 will also take place at the same venue, in the same stadium.

How to Watch?

Apple WWDC 2019 watch online stream livestream

There is so much competition to see the WWDC event that Apple has started a lottery system in 2019. For those who are interested can register themselves on Apple developer site, and if they are lucky they will be invited to watch WWDC 2019 in person. The lottery winners have to still pay $1,599 (around £1,200) for tickets.

Apple also live streams the whole event on its official website which can be accessed only by Apple users. For the general public, they can follow the popular tech news network, which also runs liveblogs and streams for the Apple WWDC 2019 event.