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Apple iOS 12.4 release date: When is the next iPhone update coming?

Apple iOS 12.4 update release date iPhone

Apple is known to always keep its iPhone updated to the latest iOS, with iOS 12.3 released last week. While it is not even old, Apple has come out with the new iOS 12.4 update. It is already rolled out to the beta developers of Apple iPhone. iOS 12.4 is the fourth main update in the Apple iOS 12 series. Registered beta developers can download Apple iOS 12.4 over the air from Apple’s development center.

iOS 12.4 Release date

Apple iOS 12.4 update release date iPhone

Apple has not given an exact release date for the iOS 12.4 update, but we know it is coming around this summer. The reports are saying that the Apple credit card will be supported by iOS 12.4, which is about to be released. So, we will get the iOS 12.4 released at the same time with the Apple card. Currently, iOS 12.4 is in beta phases, and normally Apple releases five to six beta updates, before the worldwide release of a new iOS.

Apple iOS 12.4 update release date iPhone

While the reports confirm that Apple iOS 13 will be launched at the Apple WWDC 2019 event, iOS 12.4 will also follow it soon. Apple might announce the specific release date of iOS 12.4 at the WWDC 2019 event. It can also launch iOS 12.4 to general users at a special launch of Apple credit card.

Stay prepared for the Update

Apple iOS 12.4 update release date iPhone

As you are all waiting for the new iOS 12.4 update and install it on your iPhone and iPad, here are some things you need to keep in mind. Apple iOS 12.4 will take time to install and eat up some memory from your phones. Make sure all your data is backed up with iTunes and iCloud. Try to delete unwanted files, clear up some space and keep your phones charged.

Apple iOS 12.4 update can be released at any moment, make sure you are prepared for the process.

Written by Kashish Verma

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