What is Apple Card? Apple Credit Card Explained

    Apple Card - Apple's Credit Card Goldman Sachs and Mastercard

    The Apple Card was one of the most unique offerings from Apple at the March 25 Apple Event. It was one which was expected for quite some time, but nevertheless a surprise for most who weren’t aware. Let us take a closer look at this Credit Card from Apple and try and understand more details about it.

    Apple Credit Card: Is it a Virtual or a Physical Card?

    Apple Card Apple Physical Credit Card

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    The Apple Card offers both: a physical variant as well as a digital variant. The digital version of this card will be available in the Wallet application and can be used at all the places which accept Apple Pay.

    The physical variant of the card comes with a very minimalistic design. It only has your name and a chip on it. The card does not have any number on it. It works on all places that accept regular credit cards.

    Apple Card Launched Apple Event

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    Who Are Apple’s Partners for Apple Card?

    Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs for the Apple Card. The payment processor for this card is Mastercard. Apple also pointed out that privacy is a key thing here. Neither Apple nor the partners know what the user purchased with Apple Card payment.

    Benefits of the Apple Card

    Apple Card Launched Apple Event

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    One of the biggest benefits of using the Apple Card is that there are reward points for every transaction! Another reason that attracts users towards this card is that it has zero fees – there are absolutely no fees or charges that are levied on this card. The card also helps you track the payments by showing you the location of the purchase on Apple Maps!

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