Apple blogosphere has been brimming with more and more renders and concepts of company’s upcoming iOS 13 update.

We have covered many of these renders, and another has surfaced on the web recently. Alvaro Pabesio, a Spanish designer, has created this new render.

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The iOS 13 render has some features that are original and some that have been heavily discussed like the rumored Dark Mode and full display. Let’s have a look at some of these features.

Key iOS 13 features detailed in

Alvaro Pabesio has tried to reimagine the UI of the iPad, so it looks like macOS is running on an iPad.

iOS 13 Concept

The iOS 13 update concept showcases a mac like desktop and Stacks in the Dock which also uses an expandable ‘Fan view’. We get a look at the newly redesigned Notifications and Control Center.

Files App

The rumored refreshed design of Files App is also present in the new design. This new Files App has unified all folders, tags and all the service installed into a sidebar which provides easier accessibility.

The render also delves into the multitasking aspect of iOS 13 update for iPad. 9to5Mac’s Gui Rambo has reported that Apple is working to bring a desktop extension feature to macOS 10.15.

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iOS 13 Files App

The render of Alvaro shows that a feature called Continuity will allow the iPad to sync drawings to the Mac. Continuity will will enable the iPad running on iOS 13 to work as an external display for Mac.

iOS 13 Redesigned App

Apple’s iOS 13 update is touted to bring better integration between iOS and Mac apps. The render showcases an iPhone app being integrated on the iPad.

iOS 13 Multiple Accounts

We also get a look at an improved user interface for Bluetooth connectivity options as well as a more accessible option to switch accounts on the iPad. The new render also showcases an improved volume panel layout and new reminders app for the productivity freaks.

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Finally, we also get a look at the system-wide Dark Mode is also here. Dark Mode has been an integral part of all the renders that we have covered.