Apple is expected to unveil its iOS 13 update /a>, newest version of its mobile operating system, at the Worldwide Developer Conference. Even though Apple had tried to keep the changes as secrets, rumors still found their way to the web.

A recent video posted on YouTube showcases the features that are making way to iOS 13 update which has some eye-catching and some long-awaited features.

iOS 13 Rumors

The highlight of this iOS 13 update video is Control Center which sports actions to several media platforms. If this video is true to its source than we can see special buttons being offered to users to perform a specific task on a social media platform.

This concept video uploaded on YouTube also featured an updated version of the Mail app. This will make a lot of users happy since Apple already received a ton of criticism from its user base due to the lack of features of in Mail app.

Next iOS 13 update is also going to bring a thin and sleek volume panel similar to Android on the side of the screen.

Current volume panel is thick and obstructs screen space.

According to the video, the newer version of iOS 13 update is also going to feature a revamped alarm clock.

This year Apple might follow suit of Android phone and could support system-wide dark mode. Since Apple has stricter control over their environment we might see third-party app following the lead and enabling dark mode. Apple already pushed dark mode for MacOS Mojave.

iOS 13

The tech giant is also working to improve the UI of both iPad and Carplay.

We could also see the addition of new emoji which might not be available on initial release.

Release Date

Apple is going to launch iOS 13 update this year mobile OS at WWDC for developers and after testing, the iOS 2019 will be available for the general public through a stable update channel.