iOS 12.3.1 update

While the new iOS 12.3.1 update for iPhone was supposed to fix bugs, it brought many new problems. As iOS 12.4 is rolling out, and iOS 13 is the next big release, Apple has decided to release iOS 12.3.1 for the remaining iPhone users. Let’s take a look at what issues users are facing currently and whether you should update.

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iOS 12.3.1 Update Issues

iOS update on reddit

Apple iPhone users who have updated their devices to iOS 12.3.1 are facing a lot of trouble. There are reports from users about losing cellular data along with some other minor issues. Even though thousands of people have not reported about the issue, it doesn’t mean that it should be ignored.


iPhone users on Twitter and Reddit have also reported different types of issues after the iOS 12.3.1 update. There are issues and bugs regarding battery life, iCloud service, and spam messages.

What are the benefits of the iOS 12.3.1 update?

The percentage of users facing side-effects of the iOS 12.3.1 update is very less, as it has solved bugs for most people. There are many good things that iOS 12.3.1 brings to the table, so much that people are ready to update even though there is a risk of losing cellular data. The iOS 12.3.1 update has improved security features to enhance virus and malware protection. The bugs which were not addressed by previous updates have also been fixed in the iOS 12.3.1 version.

Should you update to iOS 12.3.1?

Our advice would be to wait for the iOS 12.4 update, and to keep the downgrade options open before updating to Apple iOS 12.3.1, in case it brings new bugs to the table for your device.