The battle royale game Apex Legends has proved itself just within two months of its release. It seems that the game will stay here for long.

The creators of Titanfall series, Respawn Entertainment has developed Apex Legends. The game’s approach to the mega-popular genre has won it a huge and eager audience. Everyone is interested to watch the growth and changes the game will bring along with it as the first season continue.

Why Apex Legends has become so popular?

Simplicity is a huge factor responsible for the popularity of the game. In comparison to Fortnite, Apex Legends is straight forward. It is nothing like Fortnite’s tricky gunplay system or a pioneer like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Apex Legends

The game has bright colours with easy to read environments and comfortable to use weapons. All weapons are not the same, but none of them will render a player non-competitive. The character-based class system adds to the way the game is approached.

You are not required to know much about the system. All you need to know about are the characters who are pretty awesome and simple as well. Apart from this, the ping system is also praised a lot.

The players can communicate effectively and clearly without any talking. The solo players can pick up games with strangers and not worry too much about the unpleasantness and ugly toxicity at the same time.

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The title of the game also sounds more universal as compared to the rest. The game has huge expansion potential.

It would be interesting to watch Respawn manage the growth and approachability of the game at the same time.