PUBG Mobile has been the sleeper hit of 2018 and gained a huge player base worldwide. The developers have been working hard to provide gun skins, costumes and other customization for this huge player base.

The Season 6 of PUBG Mobile is already in full swing and Tencent recently announced some plans to make in-game spending more affordable and accessible for players.

PUBG Mobile Free elite elite upgrade

Tencent launches new Royal(RP) Pass season after 2 to 3 months which unlocks customization and rewards which can be collected by completing missions.

PUBG Mobile Season Pass

Every new season offers three categories to choose which provides different rewards throughout the season.

The three season pass are:

  • Free
  • Elite
  • Elite Upgrade

Both the passes need to be bought using the in-game currency which aptly titled Unknown Cash(UC). The UC can be used to complete much of the in-game purchase.


However, UC needs to purchased through real money using google play services. Tencent offers different plans to purchase the UC.

As you can see these plans offer different amount of Unknow Cash, but recently Tencent also launched a subscription-based model with additional perks for the gamers.

It should be very clear that these subscription plans will be available for mobile platforms.

What is the Subscription Model?

These officially launched plans are PUBG Mobile Prime and PUBG Mobile Prime Plus. The subscription model has been in the rumors for quite some time but PUBG Mobile confirmed the details on their official Twitter handle.

The PUBG Prime offers users to collect 5 Unknown Cash(UC) daily and some items can be purchased using the secondary in-game currency BP on a trial period for 7 or 30 days.

The PUBG Prime Plus offers many extra perks over prim with the ability to collect 20 UC daily that is 600 UC per month users can also purchase an item using BP, earn 10 RP points.

Prime Plus will provide extra discounts on purchases as well as 50% off in the first crate opening every day.

Prime will cost $0.99/month and Prime Plus will cost $4.99 on the first month and $9.99 after the first month.

All in all these plans are quite effective for the regular PUBG Mobile spenders.