PUBG Mobile Update Beta Fortnite Feature

PUBG Mobile has been surrounded by a number of controversies of late, particularly those involving ‘addiction’ to the game. However, the latest PUBG Mobile update has brought forward another controversy for the game! This time, gamers are claiming that PUBG has introduced a feature straight out of Fortnite!

PUBG Mobile Update New Zombie Mode
Image: WCCFtech

Let us take a closer look at this new PUBG Mobile update and at what feature the game has ripped off from Fortnite!

PUBG Mobile Update Brings Fortnite-Like Feature

This new update comes to PUBG Mobile Beta.  This update introduces some interesting updates to the game which are bound to excite the PUBG gamers!

PUBG Mobile Update New Weapons
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This new PUBG Mobile update introduces a companion “pet” system! This is an interesting update as Fortnite, the biggest competitor to PUBG, also has pets in the game! Many gamers have pointed out that this is quite similar to what Fortnite has had for some time now and PUBG needs to be more innovative.

Other Features in this Update

PUBG Mobile Update Companion Pet
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In addition to the companion ‘pet’, the game also introduces changes to the Zombie mode by adding the “Darkest Night” mode. Basically, here you have to survive only one night – and all teams that survive the night win.

In addition to that, this PUBG Mobile update has also introduced some new weapons. These include a liquid nitrogen grenade (which freezes and slows down enemies), jungle-styled double magazines as well as new zombies! It looks like the game is all set to get more interesting.