PUBG Season 6 update release date and what’s new

According to the latest update, the PUBG Season 6 is going to come out on 20th March. This new PUBG season will come with new guns, more vehicles and some excitement. Speaking of PUBG Season 5, it began on 21st January and will come to an end on 19th March.

A couple of videos have already been shared by YouTuber Mr Ghost gaming, giving fans an early glimpse at the sixth season. The original video does a promo via PUBG mobile that shows some changes that we gamers are seeing already involving the first anniversary shenanigans.

PUBG Season 6: Coming With New Guns

PUBG Season 6 Coming With New Gun

The new PUBG Season 6 will bring new weapons. As per the current BETA version available on Android, the game will come with a brand new rifle and we won’t be seeing a Vikendi. After the season 6 launch, SCAR-L will be taken over by a new 5.6 mm rifle known as G36C.

The gun will come with stuff like a thumb grip, scope, laser sight etc. New sounds to the M762 rifle will also be included to the PUBG Season 6. The Tukshai, which happens to be a popular PUBG vehicle will finally come to the PUBG mobile game. The auto rickshaw three-wheeler ride in India will be present in the Sanhok game map. The dynamic weather will also come over to Miramar and Erangel maps in the forthcoming PUBG Season 6 update.

PUBG Battleground Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Update and New Addons:

PUBG Battleground Mobile 0.11.5 Beta Update and new add-ons

We will finally be seeing a dynamic weather system in Miramar and Erangel.

The G36C rifle will take over the old ScarL one in the Snow Map.

Tukshai, the Tuktuk has been included in the Sanhok map of the PUBG game, and will replace the vehicles like bus, Dacia and the four seater jeep.

The PUBG mobile zombies will be merged as they will get into a weak state during the whole match.

PUBG Update 0.11.5 will also be fixed the zombie bugs in the area. The new update will also see the damage outside the safe zone been increased. The level of fuel, resource drops, and the skills shown by zombies has been changed for a better experience.

The “I got supplies” chat is now selected already. The bugs in PUBG which were there while previewing the outfits have also been fixed.

Source: News18, Beetel Bite