PUBG Map Erangel Getting Big Changes

The PUBG maps are getting a complete makeover. This makeover is going to start with the main map, Erangel. This news was confirmed in a statement by the team.

The team is currently testing a lot of tweaks and additions such as new compounds in new PUBG maps. This announcement is more of a response to leaks that had been circling the internet.

PUBG Maps: The leaked image of Erangel

Earlier in the week, some information made its way on Reddit. The information suggested that there are going to be a lot of new buildings and loot in Erangel. As you can see in the image below, there are going to be some changes made to the whole map to make it more interesting overall.

PUBG Map Erangel Getting Big Changes
Image Reddit

The image shows a lot of new buildings and areas. However, the team at PUBG has confirmed that the extra compounds are not the only thing that they have been working on. The upcoming update will also focus on map layout changes and loot balance.

PUBG Maps: Is the leaked image the confirmed update?

The team at PUBG has pointed out that any leaked image cannot possibly represent the complete plan or the scope of the upcoming update. This means that the PUBG Maps we have seen which was leaked on Reddit might be a bit different in the update.

PUBG Map Erangel Getting Big Changes
Image Steam

All the plans are going to be shared with the public in the coming weeks. The plans will also come with more details about the improvements that we can see in the update.


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