Reboot Van

Apex Legends brought a refreshed take on the popular battle royale genre with Fortnite and PUBG going neck to neck for the top spot.

Apex Legends features a fast-paced arcade gameplay with a never seen knockdown shield.

Knockdown Shield helps a knock-out player to protect himself from incoming fire. Legendary Sheild also provides self-heal for the players.

These are some of the game mechanics that are new to battle royale genre. However, another game Fortnite is planning to copy the revive mechanics of Apex Legends after adopting the ping system from the game.

What is the new Revive Mechanic?

According to the developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, the next update will bring Reboot Van to the game. The version that will feature this update is v8.30.

Fortnite Reboot Van

How does Reboot Van work?

Nathan Mooney explained that players will have the ability to revive the knockdown teammates by fetching their Reboot Card and activate Reboot Van.

Even though the Fortnite update has mechanics that are adopted from Apex Legend dropships, Fortnite teleports the knocked players to the Reboot Van. The Van also has a cooldown meter which has to be kept in mind.

Knock downed players have to drop the Reboot Card which has to be caught as soon as possible. Once used the van will blare an alarm and shoot a giant beam into the sky disclosing the location for everyone on the map.

So, leave the location ASAP to avoid further gunfights.

Fortnite Update News

Epic Games confirmed that the revive system will be coming in future Fortnite updates. In a Reddit AMA, the development team confirmed the rumors after a user asked about the possibility of respawning mechanics.

The team replied that they are considering the mechanics and looking at the impact on the gameplay.

Fortnite Update Expected Release Date

As mentioned in the Reddit AMA the new update will arrive with the season 8 which has already kicked off on  28 February.