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Fortnite Update Slows Down The Game: Gamers Angry on Epic Games

Fortnite Update Gamers Unhappy

The latest Fortnite update came via a patch on v8.20 – and the gamers are alleging that the devs are trying to slow down the gameplay.

Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite are a popular name in the gaming community. However, the company recently faced a strong backlash from fans after it tried to ‘slow down’ Fortnite.

Fortnite Update Slows Down Game Epic Games
Image: Wired

Let us take a closer look at the recent Fortnite update and why gamers are unhappy with that.

Gamers Unhappy With Epic Games Over New Fortnite Update

Usually, an update to the game is something that gamers look forward to. However, the most recent update to Fortnite has caused a slowdown, especially when compared to the other updates in the recent past.

Fortnite Update Epic Games
Image: PinkNews

In Fortnite’s previous update (v7.40), Epic ensured that every time an opponent is killed, gamers get 50 health, as well as 50 each of material drops. Moreover, the material caps were increased to 500 each. Harvest rate was also up by 40%

However, the new Fortnite update has rolled back all of these boosts. A number of players have been protesting against this. Names such as ‘Ninja’, who is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers have voiced their concern.

New Fortnite Update Slow Down Game
Image: EpicGames

Why Was This Fortnite Update Introduced?

This update to the game slows down things – but normalizes them to the way they were before the update which accelerated things. This is because the developers believe that this gives rise to aggressive tactics and brings new players at quite a disadvantage. Hence, the game’s pace is being slowed down.

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