UFC 244: The Rock Predicts Winner in Diaz vs Masvidal

    The Rock Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz

    When it comes to a UFC Championship for being the biggest “BMF” on planet, who better to comment on it than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a universally accepted BMF. One of the toughest men alive, The Rock, who occasionally follows UFC, made a comment about the upcoming Diaz vs Masvidal fight where he picked his favorite while he also gave an update on whether he will attend the fight at MSG.

    The Rock UFC Vancouver

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    Let us take a closer look at what ‘The People’s Champ’ had to say about this:

    The Rock Chooses His Favorite in Masvidal vs Diaz

    In the upcoming fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, it is hard to pick a winner – but The Rock has his priorities clear. Replying to a tweet by Jorge Masvidal, Rocky commented that if Masvidal wins the fight, he will try and personally have the belt tied around him! This is indeed an honor coming from the biggest Sports Entertainer in the world!

    Masvidal vs Diaz

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    Diaz vs Masvidal is a fight of two fan favorites and two legit tough men who have been through many brutal battles inside the octagon. It will be interesting to see this one – as of this moment, the odds are evenly split between both of them.

    Will The Rock Attend UFC 244?

    Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz

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    In addition to choosing his favorite here, The Rock even commented on the fact that he will try his best to attend UFC 244, which takes place at Madison Square Garden! The Rock has headlined many WWE main events here and has a long association with the arena. It will be interesting to see if The Great One really shows up for Diaz vs Masvidal!


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