Donald Trump, the current President of the US has always been a controversial figure in the public. The remarks of Trump on women and his racist attitude towards other countries is not a good thing. Trump promised during his campaigns that he will build a wall at the US-Mexico border so that no illegal immigrants can come to America.

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While the idea of a big wall around a country is very stupid, it has no actual use and is just a waste of money. Let us see more details about the Trump Wall, its effects and the cost to the country.

What is Trump Wall?

President Trump Wall tall cost

Trump Wall is always a sort of a colloquial name, given to the proposed expansion of the Mexico-United States barrier. The border between both countries is a typical fencing structure which can be crossed easily and used for trade purposes. The trading of goods and services between the US and Mexico is the main source of income for many people on both sides. Trump plans to build a wall around it, so he can take high custom duty for anyone crossing into the US side.

How it Started?

President Trump Wall tall cost

The Trump Wall was first mentioned during the 2016 presidential campaign by Donald Trump in a press conference. Trump promised that if he wins the elections, he will build a wall around Mexico and make them pay for it. Trump has always been racist about other countries, especially the Mexicans. He repeatedly said he will compel Mexico to pay for the wall, which is legally not possible. No matter how much Trump tries, the Trump Wall will destroy the economy of both countries.

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Current Status of Trump Wall

President Trump Wall tall cost

While Trump promised to build a wall along the entire border between US and Mexico, not much of an actual wall has been constructed. There have been various attempts and many projects, but most of them were stopped due to legal or environmental reasons.

Trump claims that he will build a 2000-mile long wall around the border, while the mountains and rivers will cover the rest of the area. The dimensions and the designs of the Trump Wall always keep changing, first concrete and now steel, the wall is supposed to be 30 feet high.

Cost of Trump Wall

President Trump Wall tall cost

To be honest, it is almost impossible to estimate the cost of Trump Wall, as there is nothing fixed on the construction details. During his campaign, Trump estimated that the wall will cost around $12 billion to build, which is way less than the actual cost.

The Department of Homeland Security has revealed that the proposed Trump Wall will cost around $21.6 billion and more than 3 years to finish. Along with that, there would be a maintenance cost of more than $700 million. All this money spent will never be recovered as per the economics experts and is just a waste of resources.

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Backlash against the Trump Wall

President Trump Wall tall cost

The Trump Wall is a stupid concept in itself, which has no positive outcome and is increasing tension in the country. Trump has gone to great lengths to build the wall and did everything in his power, which includes declaring a national emergency and transferring funds.

Most of the population on both sides are opposing the idea of Trump Wall and want to live in harmony. Apart from the legal issue and public backlash, the Trump Wall will also be harmful to the environment. There have been several protests and campaigns against Trump and his idea of a wall dividing the people of two countries.

Will it ever get Finished?

President Trump Wall tall cost

The Trump Wall has been currently put on a hold by the US judicial department. The Judges has stopped all the constructions related to the border wall in a legal way. President Trump is himself facing impeachment, and there are many other cases going against him too. Before all this matter sorts out, it will be the time for the next US presidential election. It is highly possible that Trump is not elected next time and the entire idea of Trump Wall be scraped away.