Donald Trump Declares National Emergency- a Deeper Look into the Matter

Donald Trump, president of the United States has declared national emergency prior to taking a step to avert a future shutdown. President Donald Trump has recently signed the spending bill which will preclude the shutdown that was bound to take place taking into consideration the stern step of the president.

Donald Trump signs spending bill to avert shutdown during national emergency

According to the statement released by the White House on Thursday, Donald Trump signed the spending bill. This bill has also been passed by House and Senate.

If Donald Trump had not signed the bill by yesterday, there were several parts of the government that were bound to shutdown. This bill will keep the government of the United States running until the 30th of September.

Reasons for declaring national emergency by Donald Trump

After the lawmakers had refused to fund the million dollar border ball, Donald Trump has declared a national emergency on Friday. This step of President Donald Trump is to repurpose funds from various other parts of the government so that he can go forth with his plan of building the border wall.

Donald Trump declares national emergency to garner funds for his border wall Source: Psmag

By declaring national emergency, president Trump emerged from one political crisis and in no time dove into another.

He says that national emergency has been signed by many presidents of the nation previously. According to Donald Trump it has rarely been a problem. Donald Trump further stated that nobody really cared about the national emergency

National emergency declared: the consequences

This big political step by Donald Trump has earned him even more opposition than before.

Earlier the president had threatened of taking this step. Even then Donald Trump was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans.

Donald Trump Declares National Emergency- a Deeper Look into the Matter
National emergency declared to build border wall for border securities
Source: GDB News

And now since Donald Trump has finally converted the threat into reality by declaring national emergency, it will bring legal and legislative challenges.

Donald Trump has been pushing the lawmakers to approve a sum of $5.7 billion for building the border wall. However, Congress had passed only $1.375 billion for fencing of the border.

Declaration of national emergency by Donald Trump along with the other executive actions gives hopes of creating $8 billion. This sum can be used for barriers.

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