The impeachment calls of US President Donald Trump have become a huge deal after the recent happenings in the White House. The opposing forces are accusing Congress of doing whatever they want without any regards for the law and order.

The house judiciary committee is saying that Trump has obstructed ‘The Mueller Report’ inquiry and also stopping others from speaking over it. It has finally forced house speaker Nancy Pelosi to take action against the US President Donald Trump.

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Trump Pelosi Issue

Trump impeachment Pelosi

The rising number of Democrats demanding the impeachment of Trump has finally pressured Pelosi to take action. House Speaker Pelosi has finally agreed and called for a meeting of Democrat lawmakers on this Wednesday, May 29 to hear their side of opinions. Meanwhile, Trump administration has been refusing to cooperate with every subpoena request and declined to share the financial details of ‘The Mueller Report.’

Public demands for Impeach Trump

After the previous White House counsel, Don McGahn has refused to testify in front of the house judiciary committee, the common public of the USA is outraged. People are asking to impeach Trump as soon as possible and feels the country is in danger.

No hurry for Impeachment

Trump impeachment

Even though the whole country is asking for impeachment of US President Trump, the officials seem to be not in any hurry. The house democrats are saying that it is more of an inquiry rather than a decision. Most of the Congress members are divided on the issue and trying to defend themselves in case Donald Trump stays in power.

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