Donald Trump says questioning him is “illegal” and “coup”

Donalad Trump muller investigation

Donald Trump is in news again. This time it’s for his statements in which he takes a hit at the Mueller investigation. Many of you might have even forgotten what the case is all about. You can get the entire story here.


Donald Trump: What is the case all about?

The Mueller investigation is a counterintelligence investigation by the United States. It was done to investigate the interference in the elections of 2016. It is alleged that the Russian government interfered in the Presidential Elections of 2016 to make Donald Trump the winner.

Moreover, there are also allegations against the president, Donald Trump. The authorizing documents say that there are chances that even the president is linked in it.

Donalad Trump muller investigation
Source: Cloud Front

This is because there are chances of coordination between the presidential campaign of Donald Trump along with the Russian government. Moreover, the report also says that the investigation is also seeking more matters related to this coordination.

The statement by the president

On Wednesday, president Trump released took a hit at the Mueller investigation. He says that this inquiry was an attempted coup against his presidency.

He says that the allegations of connections were given a start illegally. Moreover, he also says that everything about this was crooked. He says that there are dirty cops as well as bad people.

Donalad Trump muller investigation
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He says that what they did was bad and terrible.

By doing so he took the names of the former FBI executives and agents. He also took the name of the lawyer. He says the attempt was to take him down as the president. Donald Trump further says that he could beat them.

The comments were made at the White House South Lawn. This was done before the press. The statement comes exactly a day after Donald Trump has been cleared from the allegations. The Attorney General says that the redacted version of the report will be released soon.

It is also worth mentioning here that there is also no evidence of the White House obstructing justice during the investigation. For more updates, stay tuned to Hiptoro.

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