The Punisher Season 3 Renewed

Marvel’s The Punisher was a refreshing take on the character of Frank Castle/The Punisher. Many have even hailed it the best off-comic version of the character. However, after a successful run of two seasons, Netflix announced that it is going to cancel the show.

This means that effectively, The Punisher Season 3 is cancelled and will not be a part of Netflix.

The Punisher Season 3 Hulu
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However, there’s more to the story than what meets the eye. Let us take a closer look at The Punisher Season 3 and explore it from various angles.

Reason for Netflix Cancelling The Punisher Season 3

Netflix announced on the 18th of February that Marvel’s The Punisher is going off the air. The reason behind cancelling The Punisher Season 3 is the same as to why Netflix cancelled the other Marvel shows: the arrival of Disney+.

The Punisher Season 3 Marvel MCU Disney+
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Disney+ is Disney’s own streaming platform. Given that Disney owns Marvel, and Netflix produces shows made by Marvel, it would not be a good business decision for Netflix to make shows that advertise their competitors. Furthermore, superhero shows are quite expensive to make! Netflix, which funded the production of these shows also had the right to cancel them.

Iron Fist and Luke Cage were the first ones to be cancelled. This was followed by Daredevil’s cancellation. Jessica Jones and The Punisher were the last two shows to go. This effectively ensures The Punisher Season 3 will not air on Netflix! However, not all hope is lost. Here’s why:

The Punisher Season 3 Cancelled: Gone Forever?

The Punisher Season 3
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While The Punisher Season 3 stands cancelled for now, it does not stand cancelled forever! Ever since Daredevil went off the air, fans started off a #SaveDaredevil campaign urging Marvel and Netflix to bring the show back. While Netflix may no longer be interested, one can get to see the shows back in action on another platform!

Hulu is a name which seems quite interested in picking up the Marvel shows. Given that Hulu is the biggest competitor to Netflix at the moment, this makes sense for them. Furthermore, Disney+ might also pick them up eventually. Currently, the terms of the contract prohibit these shows from being picked up by anyone for two years since their cancellation.

The Punisher Season 3 Cancelled
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This means that there’s a chance that The Punisher Season 3 can technically still come out (on another platform) in February 2021 or later!

Is the Entire Netflix-MCU Cancelled with The Punisher Season 3?

Yes, Marvel’s The Punisher was the last character to get cancelled by Netflix. While The Punisher Season 3 will not be airing on the platform, we are going to get Jessica Jones Season 3 sometime soon. That will be the last Marvel show on Netflix from the Defenders Universe.

The Punisher Season 3 Netflix
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However, these shows will continue to be on the platform and not get pulled down completely. You can watch them any time you want, but there won’t be new shows. Sadly, The Punisher Season 3 is no longer a possibility on Netflix!

Audience reaction on The Punisher Season 3 cancellation

As expected, The Punisher fans are quite disappointed with the Season 3 release getting cancelled.

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