No Release Date for The Punisher Season 3 as Show gets Cancelled by Netflix

    Marvel's The Punisher Season 3 Cancelled by Netflix

    Netflix had cancelled Marvel’s Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist earlier this year. However, The Punisher and Jessica Jones still lingered around.  Sadly, the streaming giant has now announced that both these shows now stand cancelled as well. This means that we will not get to watch a Punisher Season 3. The Marvel TV universe is officially dead.

    Hopes for Punisher Season 3 were still around. There were speculations that we might get to see more of Frank Castle in 2020. The creators of the show too had expressed their intent on working on more aspects of the character in future seasons. However, all these plans are now canned.

    Marvel's The Punisher Season 3 Cancelled Jessica Jones

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    Punisher Season 3: What Could’ve Been

    Punisher Season 2 came out earlier this year and was met with mixed reviews. While some fans preferred the narrative of the first season, there were many who found the second equally exciting. Nevertheless, a third season could have potentially seen crossovers – or even guest appearances.

    Given that Daredevil Season 3 finale had set up the character of Bullseye perfectly, there was a chance we could’ve seen The Punisher face off against Bullseye in The Punisher Season 3. This would have made sense because Bullseye and Punisher have crossed paths in comic books too!

    Marvel's The Punisher Season 3 Cancelled Netflix

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    Punisher Season 3 Canned: Jessica Jones Season 3 Will Still Air

    However, all these plans are just fan-theories now because The Punisher Season 3 is now cancelled. We would still get to see one last Marvel series on Netflix though – as Jessica Jones Season 3 is still on the cards. The show has already been produced and Netflix is likely to release it sometime in March.

    Marvel's The Punisher Season 3 Cancelled

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