The Big Bang Theory season 12  finally came to an end in the previous week. The fans were left extremely emotional seeing their favourite characters on the screen for the last time. The creators of the show spoke about their endings.

The characters revealed how the show has been an important part of their lives. Each one of them feels that they have grown with the show. Sheldon Cooper began with some humility, but his friends Penny and Leonard Hofstadter took to a different ending.

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It was teased that the pair were expecting a child in the season earlier. This is the biggest reveal in the final episode by the show’s cast.

The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers
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The Big Bang Theory season 12 ending explained

Show bosses Steve Holland and Steve Molaro explained the significance of the reveal. They wanted to ensure that everything ends on a happy note. Holland said,

Their relationship was really the jumping off point of this whole show and it felt important to us to honor that relationship.

The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers
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Holland said that it was Molaro’s idea and he pitched the idea while Holland was writing the show. It just felt like the right way to end the story line of these characters. Molaro explained that they skipped major of the pregnancy tropes and directly came to know about it when Penny was two months pregnant.

Penny took time to decide how she felt about it. The writers were satisfied with The Big Bang Theory season 12 ending, but not all fans seem to agree. One fan was really sad that Penny got pregnant. It is not necessary for every female character to have a baby to validate their character. The fans were hoping for a different end to The Big Bang Theory season 12.

Source:, Daily Express