Kaley Cuoco, who plays the character of Penny in The Big Bang Theory on the CBS comedy, surprised her fans by posting a video on her Instagram.

The only non-geek character of the show, Kaley Cuoco aka Penny, surprised her fans with

“This is proof that I do read the comments on my Instagram”

While suggesting not to panic.

The announcement

Kaley began her video by mentioning about The Big Bang Theory’s big announcement – The Finale! Currently, the show is in its Season 12 and is reportedly going off air on coming Thursday. A sad day in history for all The Big Bang Theory’s true fans.

Young Sheldon homage to The Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon homage to The Big Bang Theory

While the internet is not happy with the announcement of Big Bang Theory finale, the actress Kaley shared her thoughts on Young Sheldon. The show plots the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, the lead character of Big Bang Theory.

“Young Sheldon also has, I think a beautiful homage to the Big Bang Theory cast, which I’m really excited to see,”

claims Kaley in her video.

Big Bang Theory finale: An hour-long treat

Kaley cleared the confusion buzzing around the finale revealed that

“People are freaking out because they thought there were two episodes left of Big Bang and on the last episode is said that next week is the final.”

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The Big Bang Theory actress cleared the air surrounding the show’s finale and confirmed that the last episode — airing in a few days — will be a two-parter.

“It’s back to back episodes. It’s technically two episodes, it’s a ‘to-be-continued,’ so it’s two back to back episodes, an hour-long finale. That’s what they mean.”

The last treat to The Big Bang Theory fans will be an hour-long finale!

Kaley confirmed,

“Technically it’s one night, but it’s two episodes so don’t panic.”

A Kaley special for the Finale

She threw another ball and revealed some more information about the season and show finale.

“Reminder, I think ET is doing a big special on the show right before and then you have the hour Big Bang and then Johnny [Galeki] and I host a special I believe after Young Sheldon.”