Is Young Sheldon going to get a young Leonard friend? The Big Bang Theory show runners have shut down any kind of rumours that suggested the introduction of a young Leonard in the spin off, Young Sheldon. Why? Let’s find out.

Young Sheldon and Young Leonard

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Will a Young Leonard be introduced?

The reasons has nothing to do with messing with the plot lines of the show. But, it is because of Sheldon Cooper’s memory power. The Executive Producers of the show had shushed down rumours of adding a young Leonard to The Big Bang Theory’s spin off. Steven Molaro had told TV Insider that Sheldon has a photographic memory and it will be impossible for him to not remember when these things happened.

Young Sheldon won't have Young Leonard in the spin off series

It would have been unrealistic if there was not a single mention about Leonard and Sheldon’s friendship in The Big Bang Theory. And if there was, why would either Sheldon or Leonard not remember it? The introduction of a Young Leonard would not make any sense since there hasn’t been any discussion regarding this in The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon is a spin off of The Big Bang Theory and it shows the childhood days of Sheldon and quirky character development. Producer Bill Prady has confirmed that the final episode of season 12 is still in works.

He said, “We are still figuring out how to end the show.”

The producers and the stars of the show want the show’s finale to put together the very best and give it a deserving ending.

Kaley Cuoco had also previously agreed to this. She said,

“Everyone is struggling to let go and it is going to be a surprise for all of us. The ending has to be written in a special way so that the characters live on in people’s hearts.”