Major 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Young Sheldon' Error Noticed By Fans

The Big Bang Theory is into its twelfth season while its fairly successful spin-off Young Sheldon has already gone its second season. However, there’s one error from nearly eight years ago that’s still discussed till this day. Thanks to Leonard’s high school bully in The Big Bang Theory series, Jimmy Speckerman, played by Lance Barber.

Major ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Young Sheldon’ Error?

Big Bang Theory Season 5

The Big Bang Theory fans may remember the character from season 5 when Jimmy goes to Leonard to ask if he could help with his invention. Things don’t go as planned and the Big Bang Theory episode ends with Leonard standing up to Jimmy… and then running out of the apartment with Sheldon to evade him.

Lance Barber Later Played Sheldon’s Father in ‘Young Sheldon’

Obviously, no one could have predicted that six years later, CBS would launch a Big Bang Theory spinoff called Young Sheldon. And when it came time to cast the series, Lance was selected to play Sheldon’s father. While casting heads may have been banking on fans not remembering Jimmy’s episode from season 5, they learnt it the hard way as the Internet forgets nothing.

Big Bang Theory Fans Find a Terrible Mistake in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory Error

Now, as we know The Big Bang Theory has been syndicated, every time we see that episode, fans come online to point out the error. This may have been a mistake, on behalf of the casting directors. But it’s nothing as terrible as Jerry Orbach playing Frank Lehrman and then portraying Lennie Briscoe in Law and Order. Or the time when Sal Benedetto aka Dennis Franz turned into Lieutenant Norman Buntz for the last two seasons of Hill Street Blues.

But this could be Young Sheldon’s plan all along. It’s possible we come across a grown-up Sheldon in Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon who invents something so crazy that it allows his father to be two different people at once. Well, you never know.

While Young Sheldon has just started out and is in its second season, The Big Bang Theory is currently in its final season. Both the shows will continue airing on 21st February after a short mid-season hiatus.

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