The Big Bang Theory show has finally ended after running for 12 long years. Season 12 was the last season with a one-hour special series finale. While the show concluded and all the characters arcs are closed, many fans are not happy over the twist and the boring ending. TBBT show fans took it to twitter to showcase their anger towards the show finale.

Fans reaction on the Finale

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 ending reactions

Most of The Big Bang Theory fans are not happy over the ending and the fate of Penny. The previous seasons of The Big Bang Theory built upon the premise that Penny doesn’t want to have kids. But in TBBT season 12 end, it was all watered down just for an emotional ending, this is not the way to do it, as per the fans.

Hugely disappointed with final episode… [spoilers] from bigbangtheory

Was anyone else disappointed with the finale? from bigbangtheory

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 reactions ending

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Another complaint fans are having with The Big Bang Theory season 12 ending is about the love life of Raj. While the rest of the 3 guys (Sheldon, Leonard, Howard) find their love early, Raj was always shown single and having problems talking to a woman. But as the show progressed, Raj grew confident. So how is that he is still single at the end, fans are furious over Raj’s story at The Big Bang Theory finale.

Anybody else feel like Raj got stiffed? from bigbangtheory

Do you think Raj should have deserved good ending like others got in the last episode. SPOILERS from bigbangtheory

As much as I hate Anu, now I believe the Anu storyline needed to happen to complete Raj Arc from bigbangtheory

The Ending was Emotional

One thing that all big bang theory fans agree is that ending was emotional, with Sheldon’s final speech and the elevator working again. The Big Bang Theory show has finally come to an end, with their kids grown up.

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Fans have said goodbye to their favorite characters Penny, Amy, Bernadette, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard, and they will always be missed. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for to find out more shows to watch after The Big Bang Theory ends and other news.