The Big Bang Theory is finally heading to its final destination with an endgame season 12. And the fans who have by now turned into zombies in love for the show are desperately trying to crack the Da Vinci Code of the end.

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Kaley spilling the beans for The Big Bang Theory season finale

Kaley Cuoco has been hinting at a satisfying climax all decked up for the fans. She even posted a black and white picture of her and her onscreen husband Leonard Hofstadster looking at the set from the audience gallery. She captioned the post as “shooting something special with this guy”, which according to fans can result in a spectacular spinoff. Since these wolves of the gang are alone, chances of a spinoff with these two characters is quite possible. There is another speculation that these two can leave the group early. The final episode of the season may not have its audience either.

The Big Bang Theory: Spoilers

Some scenes have been cut in The Big Bang Theory finale

According to a report, some scenes have also been cut. And Anu (Raj Koothrappali’s ex-girlfriend) have already revealed which ones through Instagram.

Penny gets the name in The Big Bang Theory season finale

There has been a Da Vinci mystery around Penny’s surname. Out of all the female characters in the show, there is only Penny who go by just her first name and nobody is bothered about it. Season finale will probably uncover it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8: How does it end?
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Quirky Stuart finds love in The Big Bang Theory season finale

Stuart’s personal life hasn’t been that exciting in the last 12 years. Despite having short romantic encounters in past, he still roams around like a zombie who has not eaten for weeks. There is speculation that this quirky personality will end well with the show. He must get someone.

Leonard and his cousins together in The Big Bang Theory season finale

We have often heard of Leonard’s cousins but have never seen them. They are like legends who do find mention on and off but we don’t get to see them at all. The season finale will probably bring his cousins on screen. It will really interesting to see how Leonard will get along with them.

The finale episode will be aired on May 16.