The Big Bang Theory season 12 will nearing its end and Mark Cedrowski, the director has revealed one thing that won’t be in the season finale.

He has revealed that the script for the final episode has not been completed yet. But, it will not include an atomic bomb.

The Big Bang Theory season 12 finale

This is such an irony because given the show’s title, fans will not get a ‘big bang’ which will wipe out their favourite characters.

Cedrowski said that he still hasn’t written the episode, it has just been outlined. He said, “The last episode is going to end the show, but not the characters’ lives. They will give the idea that their lives will still go on.”

“It is not going to be an blown up atomic bomb which will end their lives.”

The Big Bang Theory season 12

Fans might get some relief after this news. But, this definitely raises questions about The Big Bang Theory season 12 teased narrative. The Twitter page of the show had tweeted: “We are going out with a BANG.”

The Big Bang Theory season 12 cast reactions

The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers

Kaley Cuoco (Penny Hofstadter) also admitted that she is glad that they are going out with a bang. “Although I hate saying this, but it is true. We all wanted to go out on top,” Cuoco said.

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This might have misled the fans into thinking that the cast will be wiped out in a bang. But, as you can see, this will not be the case.

Cedrowski has admitted that the series’ approach is not towards finishing the stories of the characters. And this is obviously great news for the fans.

Will the story continue?

Steve Holland, who is the show runner said that this will not be the last time when the fans will see the characters.

So, this might a possible hint for a reunion. One possible way to make the characters live on is through Young Sheldon. Young Sheldon is the spin off to The Big Bang Theory.

However, Leonard Hofstadter will never appear on the show again for some reason. So, let’s wait for the final episode of The Big Bang Theory season 12 and find out what will happen to the characters.