The Big Bang Theory season 12 ending

In the coming few weeks, we will see the eventual ending of The Big Bang Theory. Viewers are somehow preparing themselves for the hour-long season 12 finale episode.

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While we will soon get to know how things end for Leonard and Penny. Actors Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco may have given hints about an upsetting end for The Big Bang Theory season 12. Currently, Penny and Leonard are making up their mind if they want to stay in Pasadena or not. The actors have teased about the final scenes The Big Bang Theory on Instagram.

The Big Bang Theory season 12 ending

Johnny posted a picture of himself hunched over emotionally trying to dry his eyes surrounded by his other colleagues at the table. The caption read:

This morning was not an easy one. The final table reading for @bigbangtheory_cbs So very sad. So very grateful.

The ‘Penny’ actress also posted such pictures on Instagram. She was seen clutching her jacket and fighting back tears. The other one showed tear ridden tissues covering her script.

She was truly at a loss of words and said that everyone must get ready for the finale of The Big Bang Theory season 12. There is no doubt that the finale will be an emotional ordeal for not only the cast but the viewers as well.

The fans are speculating if these comments have a deeper meaning. Leonard and Penny have spent their entire life with their friends, but will we see them saying their final goodbyes. Even The Big Bang Theory fans were at loss of words.

Some of them commented to share how they felt. One said that even they couldn’t stop crying.