Tesla Model Y Release Date

Tesla Model Y is all set to be the latest launch from Tesla. The company, as well as the CEO Elon Musk have been teasing details over the past few months. As of now, there are no final details available about the car – but of what we gather from the company’s teases, it appears that the Tesla Model Y price is going to surprise us all!

Tesla Model Y Price and Release Info

One of the biggest challenges with Tesla cars reaching the masses has been their high price. However, is the Tesla Model Y price going to change that? Let us take a closer look.

Tesla Model Y Release Date and Details

Before we tap into the Tesla Model Y price details, let us take a closer look at the release date of the car, as well as collect more information on what to expect from this upcoming Tesla SUV.

Tesla Model Y Price

Tesla Model Y is all set to be officially revealed on the 14th of March. The event will be live streamed. The most basic understanding that we have of this car right now is that it is an SUV-version of the Tesla Model 3. Hence, it is expected to be bigger -and priced in higher than the Model 3, which is the cheapest car in the Tesla series.

Tesla Model Y Price Details

Tesla Model Y Price info

Elon Musk had revealed that Tesla Model Y price is likely to be about 10% higher than the Model 3. Hence, we expect Tesla Model Y to come out at $38,500 for the basic variant. The car will be priced at about $58,000 for a performance variant. The top-end variant of Tesla Model Y is likely to be priced around $63,800.


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