Tesla Model 3 Review: How Does the Cheapest Tesla Car Fare in the Most Important Test?

    Tesla Model 3 Germany

    Tesla Model 3 is among the most popular and lowest priced of Tesla cars. Model 3 has been around for some time now – and has received mixed reviews from users. Tesla has now begun deliveries for the Model 3 car in Germany. This is a crucial market for Tesla because Germany is known for its automobile engineering!

    Tesla Model 3’s reaction in Germany is going to be important. Let us take a closer look:

    Tesla Model 3 Germany Electric Vehicle

    Image: Consumer Reports

    Tesla Model 3: Why Germany Matters

    Germany is home to names such as Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Daimler and Audi among a number of other car-makers. If there’s one country which knows its automobiles, it has to be Germany! Tesla Model 3 (and almost all Tesla cars) are seen as American brands – and hence hold a special status in the country.

    However, when it comes to the top-end and luxury vehicle markets, German cars continue to dominate in the home country. This is going to be a tough market for Tesla to crack.

    Tesla Model 3 Germany Delivery Issues

    Image Business Insider

    Tesla Model 3: Common Complaints So Far

    If the Tesla Model 3 wants to make an impact on the German markets, these are the key issues it would need to address:

    • Delivery delays and mismanaged communication with buyers/potential buyers.
    • Sequencing-related absurdities when it comes to deliveries¬† (early buyers sometime wait for a longer duration)
    • Missing spoilers and charging cables when the cars are delivered
    • Scratched exterior and misaligned parts
    • Slow charging speed
    Tesla Model 3

    Image Teslarati

    If Model 3 manages to get these delivery-related issues fixed, it would indeed get the nod of approval from the German users!

    Source: Cleantechnica

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