Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems really confident about the success of forthcoming SUV, Tesla Model Y. The electric SUV could dominate the market, even while facing tough competition.

Here’s why Model Y can change the game for Tesla:

Tesla Model Y

As reported by Teslarati, Elon Musk revealed how Tesla can produce Model Y from Model X parts in quantity.

He also talked about how they can distribute the new SUV to China and the US. Both these countries have been on the top when it comes to sales for Tesla, and this could certainly give them an upper hand in the market.

Honda, Nissan and Toyota Are Currently The Top-Runners

Toyota RAV 4 is a stronger contender to Tesla Model Y
Toyota RAV 4 is a stronger contender to Tesla Model Y

Presently, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4 are among the top three contenders in the American SUV market. However, Tesla has a reputation for stirring up things when entering the market. Their previous Models X and S were huge successes. Model Y also has all the potential to do the same.

How Could Tesla Model Y Outrun Its Competition

How Could Tesla Model Y Outrun Its Competition

While we know Tesla manufactures luxury cars, the price for Model Y has been affirmed to be lower than the previous models. The reason behind the success of Toyota RAV4 is its low price.

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This allowed many to choose Toyota SUV above other models. The 2018 Toyota RAV4 is rated at $25,500 currently. Now, Tesla will either have to come up with something cheaper or slightly pricier with better features.

The new Gigafactories in China and Nevada provided a lot of confidence to Musk when it comes to manufacturing these SUV’s. Since these cars will be made in factories, it’ll be easier for Tesla to turn them into a hit as soon as they release the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y release date

The Tesla Model Y will be unveiled on March 15. This is hardly a month away. It’s still uncertain if Musk will be the one to unveil the new Tesla Model Y.

Presently, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is fighting a schedule conflict between their forthcoming spaceflights, which need to get launched this year. All we can do is wait for an announcement for the Model Y.

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