The kitten is caught on the baby camera sneaking into her sister’s crib for a cuddle.

Smol black cat Luna gets along nicely with Kallie, her younger human sister. Even though she is aware that she

post showing a woman and cat's marriage

Woman Married Her Cat to Stop Landlord From Trying to Get Rid of It

People move into apartments to afford their own place. Between mortgage payments, down payments, and closing on a property, owning


This Cat & Owlet Are Best Friends And Nap Buddies

Cat cafes are all the rage in Japan. You might have heard several kinds of animal friendship stories. But here


Family Adopts A Tuxedo Cat With The Most Perfect Mustache

Cats often have some pretty cool markings like they have cute little whiskers. But there is this cat that came


21 Pics That Prove Animals Don’t Care Where They Sleep

Animals like sleeping in the weirdest places. We have compiled many pictures of adorable animals sleeping floating on the Internet.

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