Smol black cat Luna gets along nicely with Kallie, her younger human sister. Even though she is aware that she shouldn’t be in Kallie’s room unattended, she is frequently seen hopping up into Kallie’s cot at night. She informs her mother that Kallie is being kept warm and secure. Luna is defending the tiny person. She wants to cherish the baby as she would a kitty since she perceives it as hers. It’s sweet and nutritious. Luna is similar to: “This is the human I’ve chosen; she is mine. There are many people like her, but mine is the only one.”

What a sweet video this is! Cats make fantastic pets, but that is nothing new. This infant is fortunate to have such a loving cat as a caregiver. Luna is only trying to keep the family infant safe, and she is doing so in the kindest and kind manner she knows how. We are in awe and will be checking back for the “Luna-Kallie update” in a few years.

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