post showing a woman and cat's marriage

People move into apartments to afford their own place. Between mortgage payments, down payments, and closing on a property, owning a home is incredibly expensive.

Rent is more affordable for many people because they don’t have to pay extra for things. Tenants who are renting include utilities.


There are perks to renting, but there are also downfalls.

There are many perks of renting, but there are also many downfalls. You have to live by their rules if you are renting a home.


Pets are not allowed with rentals.

Tenants who rent out their properties do not want their pets. Pets pose a risk to the home and can be a liability. Some homeowners don’t want their pets to cause wear and tear on their homes.


Some people find ways around this.

There are different ways in which people who rent can live in a home and have a pet. It is possible to have the pet be a licensed support or service animal. Emotional support animals are protected under the fair housing act in many places.


People are made to put down a pet deposit.

A deposit that is specifically set aside for pet issues is one of the things landlords ask of their tenants. A deposit is like a security deposit to make sure that anything that is ruined or destroyed can be replaced or paid for.


Others will evict people for hiding pets.

Some landlords don’t want pets at all. If they discover that a tenant hides a pet in their apartment or home, they will take action to evict them or try to find a way to find them.


Some tenants find other ways to keep their homes and pet.

Deborah was tired of landlords telling her she had to give away or get rid of her pets if she wanted to stay on their property. She gave away her cats and dogs.


She didn’t want to lose her cat.

“I can’t be without India. She is truly a sensation, she is so friendly and amazing. She is fundamentally the most important thing in my life after my children,” she told The Sun.


Deborah decided to make their relationship permanent instead of moving or giving India away.

She decided to make sure that everyone knew their love was permanent and that no landlord could separate them, instead of giving away her cat India. She decided to get married to her cat in order to be able to keep her.


The couple was married in a civil ceremony.

“I had a group of friends there. They think I’ve gone bats*** crazy but we all had a lovely day. My kids weren’t there, they just think mummy has lost the plot,” said Hodge. The two had a small ceremony in the park.


The pet owner and her cat have been through a lot.

“I don’t believe in organized religion. However, I do have faith. India always came back, even after losing a leg. I’m her universe and that’s why I married her,” Hodge said.


If you’re stuck in a situation like that, you could always tie the knot.

If you want to make sure you can have your pet in your life for good, you may want to have a civil ceremony and just tie the knot. Some people will do anything for their pets.