Cat cafes are all the rage in Japan.

You might have heard several kinds of animal friendship stories. But here we are with the very different and unique friendship story of a kitten and an owlet.

It is rare to see a cat and an owl being friends. As we usually hear stories about cats bringing home dead birds but luckily, this isn’t the case here. You might think that it sounds like an odd combination. But surprisingly enough, a cat and an owl duo are the best of friends.

They like to do everything together from playing to sleeping. They love to chill with one another in their home Hukulou – a coffee shop in Osaka Japan. 

The Hukulou is an owl cafe. This kind of coffee shop is pretty popular in Japan. The cafe occasionally gets other owl visitors, and it also sells kawaii owl-themed crafts and goods.

The cafe has garnered much recognition because of these two. They are part of an increasing niche of owl coffee shops that are popping up across the globe.

By Scrolling below you can take a look at some of the most adorable pictures.

This is the famous duo.

And they look incredibly adorable.

They are clearly great friends and visitors love them.

Who would ever think a cat and an owl could be such great friends.

Just a little smooch to calm each other down.

They even sleep and cuddle together most of the time.

I think the cat tried to groom the owl by the looks of this picture.


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