Star Wars 9 title leaked and fans aren’t happy with the name at all

Star Wars 9 just faced another title leak and it was not well received by the fanbase. It still hasn’t been confirmed as of now. Many titles have been revealed in the last few months, but their legitimacy has been questioned.

Of course, we have to wait for Disney to give the official nod to these titles. These alleged titles are just part of the fun. But, this ‘fun’ leak has been subject to a lot of ridicule by the fans.

Star Wars 9 alleged title leak

What is the title of the Star Wars 9 movie?

It’s just one word. Ain’t It Cool claims that the title of the movie is: Skywalkers. After this revelation, reddit users started posting their comments and opinions about the title. A fan bluntly termed it as stupid.

Another user commented that there is a noticeable lack of words here. A third user pointed out,

“The name is very spoilery and so it can’t be real. Skywalkers means more than one. The name left when Luke died. Only Ben and Leia have been left behind.”

Star Wars 9 alleged title leak

Does this make sense?

The movie might be the last one in the saga and it will and the characters stories. And it makes sense since Luke died in The Last Jedi. It definitely is a fitting title. But don’t you think it is just too simple to be a legitimate one. We need to wait for some more time before we can confirm that.

Star Wars 9 alleged title leak

We can expect a teaser trailer of Star Wars 9 to be released at the Star wars celebration in the later part of this month. And definitely the title of the movie will also be revealed then. Star Wars 9 will release on 19th December 2019.