The principal photography on Star Wars Episode 9 is finally complete. Obviously, there’s going to be a year of post-production, and a few weeks of reshoots. But most of the film in the Skywalker saga is already in the can. Does this mean that the title reveal is around the corner?

Star Wars Episode 9 Release Date To Be Announced Soon?

Star Wars- Episode 9 Release Date To Be Announced Soon?

Star Wars Episode 9 Director J. J. Abrams shared an image with stars John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley together.

This Star Wars Episode 9 sneak picture features the trio being Finn, Poe and Rey sharing an embrace amidst a desert with a small crew, going out of focus in the background. Our heroes still look the same, dressed the same way as before, except Poe who is seen wearing space suspenders. But then, he’s Oscar Isaac and he does manage to pull it off. There’s nothing concrete here, but it does confirm the existence of another desert planet on Star Wars Episode 9. Or perhaps a return to Tatooine or Jakku.

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Poe, Rey and Finn to reunite in Star Wars: Episode 9

Poe, Rey and Finn to reunite

This looks interesting as it will be a rare occasion when all three characters will be present. They were scattered for the previous two films, finally reuniting for the The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: Episode 9 Trailer Release Date

Since the titles of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Force Awakens were announced on the same day they wrapped up, there’s a strong possibility that we will know what to call this movie soon. Get a bit comfortable meanwhile. The first trailer for Star Wars Episode 9 isn’t expected to arrive until Star Wars Celebration in April.

Star Wars Episode 9 Cast

Star Wars Episode 9 will star Isaac, Boyega and Ridley, alongside Adam Driver and a couple of new comers, Matt Smith, Dominic Monaghan, and Naomi Ackle. It will release on December 20, 2019.

John Boyega shared a couple of wrap gifts on his Instagram handle from the sets of Star Wars Episode 9.

John Boyega shared a couple of wrap gifts on his Instagram handle.