In Star Wars Episode 9 Kylo Ren may become the Supreme Leader of the First Order, but he may face a few threats from The Beyond that will leave him “vulnerable”. Reportedly, Kylo Ren is trying to consolidate his powerful position. He may even team up with a new ally to fight against the new threat in Star Wars: Episode 9.

Get ready to take a sneak peek into Star Wars: Episode 9!

According to a reliable source, Kylo Ren’s new vulnerability will bring out the vulnerability of the new Supreme Leader. In Star Wars 9, we may even see him join hands with an unexpected ally Rey (Daisy Ridley).

The Star Wars 9 spoilers have further revealed that the Knights of Ren will reportedly play an important role in the upcoming film. What is more significant is that the Knights of Ren will occur from The Beyond.

As per the report, the precedent is already set by Kylo Ren that the one who kills the Supreme Leader gets to take up his position. There are even chances that some members from the Knights of Ren may become ambitious and decide to kill Kylo Ren in Star Wars Episode for taking up his position.

Star Wars Episode 9 Spoilers: What’s new?

A new soldier unit will be introduced in Star Wars: Episode 9. The soldiers will be decked up in red uniforms or armor. They will be known by the name of “Sith Troopers”.

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In the movie, Kylo Ren will be considered a Sith Lord, but Sith Troopers only answer to the Knights of Ren and the Supreme Leader. Kylo Ren will be seen building his own army. He will be ready to counter threat from the other factions.

The filming of Star Wars Episode 9 has already been completed. The cast members are completing their obligations one after the other.