Sony PS4 Pro vs PS5 comparison games price release date

Sony’s PS5 is expected to hit markets in 2020 now that has made many people wonder whether they should wait for the next-gen console or to just buy the readily available PS4 or PS4 Pro.

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PS4 Pro vs PS5: Which is a better buy?

Tons of gamers are in a turmoil, they can’t really decide if they should buy the current console or buy the upcoming one.

Just to solve your conundrum, we have laid certain points that will make your purchase decision easy.

PS5 Controller

As of now, you can buy the PS4 Pro for $399(1TB Storage) this price is without discounts and the regular is even cheaper.

Now the PS5 is expected to debut around the $500 mark maybe even more so if budget is your key parameter while buying then we recommend picking the PS4.

PS4 Pro is still a solid machine even after so many years. The console comes with a high dynamic range, 4K support, and a plethora of exclusive games.

Even with all these, PS5 will surely be much more powerful and capable machine with excellent exclusive titles. The rumored PS5 specs are as follows

AMD Ryzen CPU built on 7-nanometer manufacturing processes.
8K Resolution support
Backward Compatible games with PS4
A super-fast SSD storage
Advanced VR capabilities
New and Improved controller

It is clear that PS5 will be much stronger than PS4 and will come with a series of quality exclusive games. So if you can wait and are ready to spend a bit more money than PS4, than PS5 is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Sony PlayStation 5 pro specs PlayStation 4

It’s entirely up to you which thing suits your needs the best. If you have the patience and want the latest and greatest gaming machine then go for PS5 and if money is your biggest concern then the PS4 Pro won’t disappoint you.