Shazam 2 sequel release date cast

Shazam is one of the few critically and commercially movies for DC after its Justice League fiasco. Shazam sequel is due soon. And here’s all we know about it.

Currently sitting at 90% Rotten Tomatoes Score, Shazam grossed more than $350 millions at the box-office with a budget of mere $100 million.

Shazam was a massive success. After the success of Aquaman- the highest grossing DC Movie, Shazam has put Warner Brothers and DC movies back on track. Looking at the response, a sequel is inevitable. We reckon this would be bigger and better. Here is everything you need to know about the Shazam Sequel or Shazam 2.

Post Credits Scenes Teasing a Sequel

Post Credits Scenes Teasing a Shazam Sequel

While Shazam was a standalone film on its own, it did an amazing job at world building and opening rooms for future stories. Shazam movie had a total of two post-credits scenes. While the first post-credits scenes directly set up a sequel story, the second scene is more fun and establish that the other Superheros are part of the same Universe.

Post-credits scenes show us Dr. Sivanna locked up in a jail cell trying to remember the doorway to the Magical Society, It is then that he is visited by Mister Mind right there. In the comics, Mister Mind is a powerful magical creature who looks like a Caterpillar. Mister Mind taunts Dr. Sivanna. Later, they join hands to find the Rock of Eternity and Seven Magiclands.

The second post-credits scene matches the humorous tone of the movie where Billy Batson transformed as Shazam is trying to talk to the fishes in a fish bowl. This is a reference to Aquaman where he can communicated sea creatures. While Freddy mocks him saying that he does not have the powers of Telepathy as he is no Aquaman.

Shazam Sequel Cast

Shazam Sequel Cast

Zachary Levi did an amazing job of bringing the man-child character of Shazam on the big screen and the sole reason for the success of the movie. Asher Angel also did a great job as William Billy Batson. Both will definitely return for the Sequel of Shazam movie. Shazam’s foster family as both kids and adults are also sure to make a comeback which includes the following.

  • Jack Dylan Grazer/Adam Brody as Frederick ‘Freddy’ Freeman
  • Grace Fulton/Michelle Borth as Mary Bromfield
  • Ian Chen/Ross Butler as Eugene Choi
  • Jovan Armand/DJ Cortana as Pedro Peña
  • Faithe Herman/Meagan Good as Darla Dudley

Shazam Sequel might also feature The Rock- Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam years ago by DC.

Marta Milans, earlier signed for a five-movie deal with DC will be back as Billy’s adoptive foster mother along with Cooper Andrews as the foster dad. Mark Strong will return once again as the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivanna. Shazam 2 might also feature The Rock- Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam years ago by DC.

Shazam 2 Plot Details

Shazam 2 Plot Details

While the first Shazam movie only teased about us the Magical World and doorways to parallel Universe, the sequel might focus on that. Various monsters were showcased when the kids in the cave were trying to find their way back home. This included 3 crocodiles playing Cards. The sequel might feature more of the magical elements with Dr. Sivanna and Mister Mind teaming up to steal the powers of Shazam.

The Seven Deadly Sins are not dead. They were just banished into the Rock of Eternity by Shazam and his friends. The sequel might deal with them coming back. The other kids who now have superpowers will also be a major plot point. While Black Adam was just teased via a Hologram, Director David F. Sandberg revealed that there are plans to use Black Adam in the upcoming sequel.

Shazam vs Black Adam

Black Adam will be played by Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson was cast as The Super-Villain, Black Adam by DC Studios way back in 2014. However, he has not featured in a single scene to date. The best part is that Dwayne Johnson is excited to play Black Adam. He is working hard for the solo movie.

DC didn’t include Black Adam in Shazam. The reason being that they wanted to establish his character in a solo movie first. Recently, New Line Cinemas and Warner Brothers joined hands for a Black Adam origin movie. This one will be set in the DC Extended Universe.

Shazam vs Black Adam

Since Black Adam is the arch nemesis of Shazam, the plan was always to have a movie focused on the rivalry. There are some rumors floating around that suggest that the sequel might feature a Shazam vs Black Adam storyline. Superman may also join the fight.

When will Shazam Sequel Release?

When will Shazam Sequel Release?

Currently, DC movies lack organization. They have announced many movies which are still in development but has no real progress. With the upcoming movies, DC has its plate full.

It doesn’t mean in any way there won’t be a sequel round the corner. Given the success of Shazam and its popularity, the Shazam Sequel could be fast-tracked. We can expect a release in 2022. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Shazam Movie Updates and other news.