Shazam 2 sequel

If you have seen Shazam, we know you must be eagerly waiting for another part. Here’s all that you need to know about Shazam’s sequel. There are some spoilers ahead.

By the end of Shazam, we witness that Billy Batson (Asher Angel) has seemed to gain a lot of control over his older super-powered form (Zachary Levi). He has managed to transform his foster siblings into heroes.

Not to forget how he managed to defeat Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) along with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Shazam  2
Credits: Digital Spy

Now you must be thinking that if Batson has managed everything so well, is there a scope for a sequel? In the movie’s post-credit scenes, we saw that comic-book villain Mr. Mind recruits imprisoned Sivana and promises him with vast power.

The alien slug has vast intelligence and tries to convince Sivana to aid him. Presumably, there has to be a sequel to resolve this mystery. On being asked, director David F Sandberg confirmed that he would love to do another part.

Though the future installments are not confirmed yet, it is highly likely that we will get to hear about it soon.

Sandberg said,

I mean right now, I’ve just been so focussed on finishing this one, so I want to take a little bit of time off just to breathe.

Shazam took almost two years, so we understand that everyone badly needs a break right now. There is a lot to be done with the story and its characters.

UPDATE: DC has officially confirmed that Shazam 2 is happening.