Shazam reviews have just got in and they have been good for the Warner Bros production. This is another big victory for them after Aquaman’s huge success at the box office last year. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Shazam is actually right next to Wonder Woman, in terms of quality.

Shazam Reviews

What is the current rating for Shazam?

Currently, Shazam and Wonder Woman, both have 93% ratings. Initially, there are some low hits for the movies. But, this movie is unlikely to drop down to Aquaman’s score, which is 65% right now.  Obviously, given the money Aquaman made worldwide, the Warner Bros couldn’t care less about the online ratings.

Shazam Reviews Put DCEU's Latest Up With Wonder Woman

What does the future look like for the movie?

Shazam’s success was a little bit of a complex sell but the marketing campaigns have been helpful to its release. Word of mouth has always been a big help for movies. Nevertheless, there have been some chatter about the poor CGI levels and a particularly slow start to the movie.

Some of the reviewers have outrightly stated that they did not like the movie at all. But, of course, that was a minority audience. And, anyway, bad reviews come for good movies as well. Shazam would not have scored its current rating without it being good.

The rest of the story will depend on time. It is unlikely that it will be a billion dollar loss for the Warner Bros. All we know that there is plenty of room for a comic book superhero movie.  

So, how excited are you about Shazam?