In the battle of Samsung vs LG TV, here are the things to look forward before you decide, which Smart TV to buy?

Televisions are getting more and more upgraded each day, they have evolved from a simple screen to highly complex machines. Android TV, Smart TV, 4K and 8K Televisions are the upcoming trend. There are two companies, Samsung and LG who are bringing the next generation of TVs to your home.

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Samsung TV vs LG TV price difference comparison

Samsung and LG are both a South Korea based tech company which manufactures TVs, Home appliances, smartphones, and almost every gadget. Both Samsung and LG have a big market in the US and the UK, along with a lot of Asian countries.

While Samsung primarily makes Android smartphones, LG is more into household electrical appliances. Samsung and LG both are coming up with their brand new TVs. Let us compare the latest features before we can take our decision of Samsung vs LG TV.


Samsung TV vs LG TV price difference comparison

Samsung and LG use entirely different display technology on their TV screens. LG is the primary maker of OLED screens, even other companies uses OLED display manufactured by LG. While Samsung uses its own version of QLED display screens.

QLED is nothing but quantum dots added to the LED LCD screens.QLED screen Samsung TVs are a lot brighter and clear, but lacks cannot differentiate between light and dark images. On the other hand, the OLED display of LG TVs provides clear images, though they are somewhat dim and less bright.

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Samsung TV vs LG TV price difference comparison

Even for the audio system, Samsung and LG use separates sound quality and speakers. Samsung uses the HDR10+ in their premium TVs, as compared to LG which uses Dolby Vision surround sound system. Samsung TV provides a rich and quality audio output but somehow lacks the intensity. While LG TVs are loud and can be heard from far, the sound quality degrades a little on increasing volume.


Samsung TV vs LG TV price difference comparison

Gone are the days when TVs were used just as a screen and had no other uses. The current generation of Smart TVs have the features of a smartphone and laptop combined. Samsung and LG both use a different set to OS, which is tailored to their own platforms.

LG TV uses webOS which is primarily derived from Google and is very much similar to Android OS. Samsung uses a version of Tizen OS, which is derived from Bixby assistant featured in high-end Samsung Android phones. Both the layout looks same, although LG seems to have better performance in Samsung vs LG TV battle.

Latest Model

Samsung TV vs LG TV price difference comparison

Samsung is coming out with the next gen UHD 4K and 8K TVs this year in the market. As per the reports, Samsung TV will be the first to support the Apple TV+ feature launched by Apple. Samsung will be the first to integrate the Apple TV App with any Smart TV.

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Samsung TV vs LG TV price difference comparison

LG is in news for launching its new rollable OLED TV this summer, which was showcased at CES 2019. The LG rollable TV offers five different display options and can be completely rolled out to have zero display. Also, LG is also planning to its first 8K TV before the end of this year.

Final Choice

The final and ultimate choice comes down to your preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend on a TV. Samsung vs LG TV debate has no clear winner, both have its own pros and cons. Samsung offers a bright display and quality sound, while LG has a sharper display and a much smooth OS.

Whether you should buy a Samsung TV or go with the new LG OLED TV also depends on how much time you are willing to wait. Both Samsung and LG are coming up with a whole new technology, which is worth waiting for. If you want a normal use of a TV in less budget, Samsung N series TV will be a good fit. On the other hand, LG C9 provides a much better color option for a little higher budget.