Apple TV Plus release date, subscription fees

Apple TV Plus is the latest endeavor by the Cupertino based tech giant. If early reports are to be believed, this is the streaming service that might finally end Netflix’s monopoly.

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Apple has stayed on top of the Tech Game since the last few years due to its innovation and adaptation techniques. Now that iPhone sales are getting diminished, Apple has been exploring other markets to earn its revenue.

It was eyeing on the Streaming Service Platforms since a long time ago, and now that Disney is coming up with its service, how can Apple stay behind. Apple is ready with its Apple TV Plus and a bundle of original content and other services to conquer the OTA Market this year.

Apple TV Plus: What we Know so Far?

Apple TV Plus release date, subscription fees

Apple recently revealed about its new TV subscription service Apple TV+ at a special event. Tim Cook, the CEO of the Tech Giant itself unveiled the plans along with certain special stars on the stage last month.

Apple TV Plus will feature a plethora of original TV series which will be available to stream or download offline. One can also subscribe to a host of third-party broadcasters and other platforms via rent or iTunes fee basis.

Apple TV Plus: Original Shows and other Media

Apple has entered the production of Original TV shows long before announcing the Streaming Service. Paired with the biggest names of Hollywood, around 12 shows have completed filming or are near the end of Production.

Apple TV Plus release date, subscription fees

Oprah Winfrey documentaries, The Morning Show by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, Steven Spielberg anthology series Amazing Stories, Are you sleeping starring Octavia Spencer, Space drama called For all Mankind, Little Voice, Little America and a whole lot of Original shows featuring popular stars are about to be aired on Apple TV+.

Apple TV Plus: Release Date and Subscription Fees

Apple TV Plus release date, subscription fees

Although there is no fixed date, reports are suggesting that Apple TV+ will be launch in over 100 countries at once in Autumn 2019 (Around November). While the upgraded version of the TV app will be available from May 2019 on App Store.

Apple hasn’t revealed anything about the pricing of subscription fees for Apple TV Plus, but given the huge production cost, it could be a bit high. But again there is no licensing cost, so in the long term, it could cost a few dollars per month.

Apple vs Netflix vs Disney

Apple TV Plus release date, subscription fees

Netflix has ruled the Streaming Service Market for a long time, with its library of Netflix Originals and other licensed shows. But it looks like Entertainment Giant Disney wants to conquer this market field too. At the same Apple is not going to stay behind. While Disney has all the resources, and already released Blockbuster movies, Apple is starting from scratch.

Only time will tell, that which of them stays relevant, with too much of choice a user is going to get confused. Will Apple and Disney be able to steal users from Netflix will be an interesting thing to see! Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple updates and other news.