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Disney and Apple both launched their streaming services last month aptly called Disney Plus and Apple TV.

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Apple revealed its streaming in the classic Apple fashion with a splashy event, buzzwords, and high profile stars. Apple, however, didn’t reveal any information about the content, price and launch date of the service.

Disney, on the other hand, took people by surprise with its streaming service. Disney Plus put on a show with lots of information to and a headache for consumers with its offerings.

The Mouse has acquired Fox, already own Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars universe which provides a rich and wide-ranging content library. Disney has also allocated a budget of $2 billion for originals. Disney Plus will cost 7 dollars per month.

Is Disney Plus is the Netflix Killer?

Disney has launched its streaming service with so much content under its belt that users have to reconsider their choices on streaming services.

According to a study by Deloitte, an average consumer in the US has a subscription to at least three streaming services.

Disney Plus Features

However, Netflix is not feeling any discomfort in their dominant position and many analysts have confirmed this. According to an analyst, Rich Greenfield said that Netflix will become a basic service like cable and other services would be treated as add-ons.

Netflix also spent a huge amount of $12 billion dollars on original content which has been the reason behind its success.

Disney Plus and problems of Apple TV

According to the presentation by Tim Cook, Apple TV has a very limited content library. If Apple acquires content then it would have to pay for the licensing deals which will ramp up the pricing of Apple TV.

Apple TV

On the other hand, it can only beat the highly competitive pricing of Disney by launching its service solely with the originals which can be a headache.