Apple TV+

March 25 saw the most unique of Apple events in the history of the company as the brand ventured into the coveted services market with Apple TV+.

Held at Cupertino, California, the biggest highlight of the event was the launch of Apple TV+, the stepping stone for the company into the digital services provider market.

What’s new for Apple TV+?

Reports suggest that the service will be on-demand and subscription based. It will be launched in 100 countries, starting in fall 2019. The subscription plans for Apple+ have not been revealed yet.

Apple TV+ launch

The company will be partnering with several stars like Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carrell and Jennifer Anniston to release its own content on Apple TV+. Access to original Apple content will be paid, a report said, quashing earlier rumours about free content for Apple users.

What else is there?

The company is also releasing the Apple TV app where users can get a subscription for HBO, Showtime, and Starz at a meagre $9.99. The app will be available to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users in May, while Mac users will have to wait until September to get it.

Other key launches included a monthly video games plan, and news subscriptions plan.

The efforts come in light of recent plummeting sales for the tech company, including its coveted iPhones. The revenues earned from the monthly services seems to be a last-ditch effort for the company to drive up business and revenues.